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October 8th 2020

Don't end up cheesed off - Get a slice of the action!

(Excuse the pun but we are talking Pizza here!)

We have superb deals for you on our new Mk3 Firepod and by popular demand, our Quadpod stand is back....

We launched The Firepod on Kickstarter a few years ago.

We are now at the point where we need to scale up manufacturing to meet demand both at home and abroad. We are already in the UK and USA but we are getting requests from individuals, retailers and distributors all over the world. It is time to take the Firepod global. This is a very expensive process and your support will see us through this major stage of our development.

We need your help....

Whether by supporting us and placing an order on Kickstarter, or by spreading the word to your friends and social media channels (or both). Here is the link to this page should you we willing to share it - www.thefirepod.com/pages/kickstarter . You can also help by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and like and share our campaign posts over the next few weeks.

To make it more exciting, we have listened carefully to feedback from our customers and have modified the Firepod design. We do not believe in constantly releasing new models making your recent purchase out of date instantly. We are following the Porche 911 concept of continually improving, however, we have made enough changes to warrant calling this the Mk3 Firepod.


Let us keep you up to date

We will detail the improvements in a pre-launch email. Our best offers will only be available for the first 24hrs of the campaign, so make sure you sign up using the form below and will keep you up to date.

In anticipation of your support please accept a wholehearted 'Thank You' from the Firepod Team. 

Not familiar with Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a method of raising funds whereby you pledge to support us to achieve our goal - in our case raise the finance need to upscale our manufacturing - and in return we send you a 'reward' which is The Firepod equipment associated with the reward you choose. As we are already up and running, it is a kind of pre-order system whereby your money is only taken if we reach our goal, so you have the reassurance that we will be able to fulfil your reward. This means though, we need your help to spread the word and make sure we do reach funding.