Our story starts several years ago high in the Italian Alps where one of our directors was teaching children to ski.

Part of his punishment for having this wonderful job was to supervise them at lunchtime. When it came to choosing where to eat, there was one very popular mountain restaurant called the Betaforca, high on a ridge between Champoluc and Gressoney. The reason it’s so popular? They make pizzas to die for!

Also, at the time, he was staying in an extremely nice 4 star hotel with very fine dining. However, his colleagues and he all skipped one of their fantastic meals (which had already been paid for!) to go to a local renowned pizza restaurant.

This got him thinking – Why are their pizzas so much nicer than the ones we cook at home?

  • The Base – A real authentic base is essential to get the true taste of Italy.
  • Bake on a Stone - The porous nature of a proper pizza stone absorbs moisture, resulting in a nice crispy base.
  • The Toppings – Important, but personal and everyone has their own favourites.
  • Oven Temperature - Pizza cook best at temperatures around 600º Fahrenheit. Household ovens only reach just over 400º!

Back home we started talking.

Okay, we thought, we can buy a stone to cook on, source a supplier of authentic bases and get the toppings from our local supermarket, simple, except for the last essential factor – 600+ degrees! Our oven at home takes ages even to reach 450 degrees – and that’s its maximum!

Maybe there was already something out there that achieved this?

Well, we found electric pizza cookers that wouldn’t do the job any better than a conventional oven with a stone in it. Large garden pizza ovens – these worked well, but were a big investment and a permanent fixture, or difficult to move. We found some good wood-fired units – but they didn’t fit into the ‘easy to use’ or ‘reaches cooking temperature quickly’ categories – too much fiddling about for us (and not very portable).

So we concluded that the only solution was to design our own.


Finding the right design company

With invaluable advice from a friend who works in the industrial design industry, we shortlisted a number of companies, one of them being Jedco Product Design in Weybridge. We soon realised that this team was the perfect match for our requirements. John, the MD, had all the experience we were looking for, Gavin had the right blend of enthusiasm and design skills, and Claire was able keep us boys under control!

Design & Development

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