Tim has been in the financial world for nearly 30 years and is overseeing the whole Firepod project. He will be bringing his expertise to the mission of taking Firepod through crowdfunding and into mainstream production. Tim and David’s shared passion for pizza was the creative force behind the idea and launch of this unique product. They firmly believe it will change the whole concept of outdoor cooking for ever.


David has a passion for life outdoors and has worked in garden design, landscaping, irrigation and most recently supplying unusual garden buildings and structures. He is also an avid skier and it is through working as an instructor in the Italian alps that the seed for The Firepod was sown.

David is responsible for engaging The Firepod team and coordinates the various aspects of the business including research and development, production, sales and marketing, distribution and customer care.

Jedco Product Designers have provided a complete range of specialist product design services since 1984. Combining their collective creativity, insight and experience they thrive on turning concepts to truly considered products fit for today’s competitive marketplace.

They are a friendly, modest and professional team and it is their goal to make doing business an enjoyable and exciting process.


Jonty from Egg Media is responsible for producing all the great video content for our website and Kickstarter campaign. Video has played a very important role in the marketing of the Firepod product. Jonty has used his expertise to guide us through talking-head interviews and on-location filming which has delivered truly professional results.


Donna looks after the promotional activity for Firepod. After 7 years in the advertising industry, she now specialises in outreach and working with influencers. For any press enquiries, you can contact her here.

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