One Firepod - Three Ingenious Uses

Our reason for designing the Firepod, was to bring the ability to cook perfect authentic pizzas to everyone – at an affordable price. During the research and development phase, we realised that we also wanted The Firepod to be portable and multifunctional, to increase its appeal and usefulness.

1. Pizza Oven

Cook authentic fresh pizzas, garlic breads, Indian and other flatbreads on the special pizza stones.

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2. Hot Lava Stone

Swap the pizza stone for the lava stone. Heat up and take to your table indoors or outside, for Far Eastern style cooking.

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3. Reversible Griddle/Skillet

Remove the stones and cook BBQ foods on the ridged side or pancakes and breakfast foods on the flat side.

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1. Pizza Oven

With the two special pizza stones in place and the lid on The Firepod is a perfect pizza oven. Very quick to reach the perfect cooking temperature of 600ºF  and only a few minutes to cook your pizza.

We often hear of pizzas being cooked at higher temperatures and faster than this – and the Firepod will do this – however considerable research by our Italian advisors shows that when using fresh dough you need to give the pizza base a bit of time to rise in the oven for perfection. Also the dough should be made at least 24 hrs before cooking.

Insert the special pizza cooking stones

Place the top on

Remove the wooden flu cap

Turn on. When at 650ºF insert pizza

When cooked remove pizza and enjoy!

The Origin of Pizza

Flatbreads with toppings have been cooked since the stone age and as far back as the sixth century BC, Persian soldiers cooked flatbreads on their shields, topped with cheese and dates. However the origins of the pizza as we know it, go back to the 18th century in Naples, when it became common for poor people to add tomato to their yeast-based flat bread. Soon pizzas became a tourist attraction and visitors to Naples would seek out the poorer areas to try this new local food. Now, over 5 billion pizzas are sold each year!

2. Hot Lava Stone Cooking

Simply replace the pizza stones with our Lava Stone, place oven top back on and turn the gas on to heat it up.

When the stone is hot you can turn the gas off and:

  • Cook on the stone in situ, on The Firepod


  • Using our clever handles you can lift the stone out, place on the special board and take to your table for cooking.

A Healthy Option

The new trend of cooking on hot rocks is actually one of the oldest cooking methods known to man. Evidence of using heated stones to cook on and to boil water, goes back over 50,000 years. However, beautifully cut, igneous stone slabs – usually basalt – are such a stylish way to cook and entertain, that we have designed one especially for The Firepod.

3. Reversible Griddle / Skillet

When we thought about taking The Firepod camping and to events, we realised that we would want it to double up as the camping stove and BBQ. We have therefore designed a reversible griddle – ridged on one side flat on the other – perfect for cooking both BBQ and breakfast foods.

The handles on the griddle act as a stand should you need to lift it off and place it on the ground.